Linderfalk/Noll: Two Takes at Proportionality. Research Seminar on 20 August 2012

Please be invited to a research seminar on proportionality on 20 August 2012 at Röda Tornrummet, 4th floor, Juridicum, starting at 13.15 hrs, in the course of which Ulf Linderfalk and I shall discuss two approaches to proportionality.

I am currently preparing a draft article entitled “Analogy at War: Equality, Proportionality and the Law of Targeting”, and I intend to focus on the role proportionality does (or does not) play in the norms of international humanitarian law (IHL) on targeting.  On the important question how one is to perform a proportionality assessment in which civilian loss is pitched against military advantage, the IHL literature is either silent or somewhat trivial. Scholars beyond the discipline of law have thought quite much about proportionality and analogy. By bringing in some of this thought, I hope to better understand what IHL proportionality is really about. Basically, I am asking for your help to improve the draft article during the maddening period when referees have a look at it. Please let me know per email if you want the draft text mailed to you a couple of days in advance of the seminar.

Ulf Linderfalk is the main investigator of a project on Proportionality in the Application of International Law ( He has kindly agreed to co-host this seminar and to present his own approach to proportionality, drawing on his current work on legal concepts.

Most welcome!