Archive: November, 2012

21 November Pufendorf Research Seminar: Elspeth Guild on European Military Engagements Abroad

On 21 November at 13.15, the next Pufendorf seminar will be held by Elspeth Guild, currently Jean Monnet Professor ad personam at Queen Mary, whose extensive oeuvre comprises texts on European human rights law, refugee law, the Common European Asylum System and the securitization of law. Elspeth Guild was awarded the degree of doctor honoris causa by our faculty in 2008.

She has kindly agreed to return to Lund in the context of a Pufendorf Research Seminar, for which she has chosen the topic of

“European Military Engagements abroad, the Legitimate Use of Violence and European Human Rights Law”.

Elspeth comments that “I am returning to some work I did in 2005 around extraterritorial reach of European human rights law in the context of military occupation. The issue has been the subject of three important ECtHR judgments over the past few years which I am trying to unpick.”

Venue: Faculty of Law, 4th floor, Röda Tornrummet

Elspeth Guild’s text for the seminar is available by registering with Simret Goitom at

Noll: Neuroweapons and the Law (video)

Neuroweapons and the Law

In this talk, Professor Gregor Noll (Lund, Sweden) explains how neuroscience can be used to develop new weapons systems, and addresses how this may affect the ability of weapon operators to implement international humanitarian law.