Pufendorf Research Seminar – Alexandra Kemmerer on Reflexive Disciplinarity in Law

On Wednesday 4 December at 14.15-16.00 hrs, Dr. Alexandra Kemmerer from the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin will hold a seminar on “Reflexive Disciplinarity in Law”.

Alexandra Kemmerer co-directs the Forum Transnationale Studien/Rechtskulturen, a unique research initiative fostering internationalization and transdisciplinary studies in law. Her profile is here and her SSRN page is here.

The seminar will be held in Styrelserummet, 4th floor at Juridicum.

Please send a message to Cecilia K. Andersson for a copy of Alexandra’s paper (Cecilia_K.Andersson@jur.lu.se).

Most welcome!