5 May Pufendorf Seminar on the Social Role of the Judge: Daniel Steuer (Brighton)

Dear Colleagues

On Monday 5 May at 14.15 hrs, Dr. Daniel Steuer (Brighton) will present a paper entitled

‘Between perfect ignorance and perfect knowledge: What should be the social role of a judge?’

Originally, Professor Torbjörn Andersson (Uppsala) was scheduled to speak on ‘Intuition and Analysis of Law’ at the same seminar. Unfortunately, Professor Andersson had to cancel his appearance due to unforeseen circumstances. He will return to Lund to offer his paper during the coming term.

Daniel Steuer’s presentations will be followed by a discussion. While there is no advance distribution of the his paper, I would be grateful if you would inform Cecilia_K.Andersson@jur.lu.se of your intention to participate, lest you have already done so.

Date and Time: Monday, 5 May, 14.15 hrs

Venue: Styrelserummet, Juridicum, 4th floor

Most welcome!