SEK 11 Million Grant for Migration Law Programme at Lund and Uppsala

The Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network (L/UMIN), initiated by the Faculties of Law at Uppsala and Lund, has been granted SEK 11 Million by the European Refugee Fund to implement a 30-month program me comprising of two post-doctoral and four doctoral research projects. We are very grateful to our friends at Uppsala for the excellent cooperation. In particular, our thanks go to Dr. Rebecca Stern (who coordinated the application) and to Professor Thorbjörn Andersson.

At the Lund end, funding will be used to finance

  • Anna Bruce’s post-doc on Children with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities in the asylum procedure;
  • Matthew Scott’s doctoral project on climate-related needs of protection and strategic litigation; and
  • a doctoral project on burden sharing (or solidarity) within the EU and between the EU and third states. A doctoral position will be advertised at the Faculty of Law soon. If you are interested, you should follow postings on the Faculty’s website (click on “In English).