L/UMIN Launched

On Friday, 27 September 2013, the Faculties of Law at Lund and Uppsala University publicly launched their common research project within the field of migration law. The project goes by the abbreviation L/UMIN – Lund Uppsala Migration Law Network – and covers nine different subprojects at the moment:
– The Migration Court and its obligation to investigate (Isa Cegrell-Karlander)
– Discrimination in asylum- and migration law (Maria Bexelius)
– Climate change refugees and “strategic litigation” (Matthew Scott)
– The price of solidarity: Division of responsibilities within the EU and between EU and third states (Eleni Karageorgiou)
– Children with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities within the asylum procedure (Anna Bruce)
– Is it for real? The investigation of “genuineness” of invoked protection grounds (Rebecca Stern)
– Trafficking, slavery, servitude and forced labour (Vladislava Stoyanova)
– Law, fact and problem-solving, with special attention to the problem of refugees (Aleksandra Popovic)
– Age assessments in the asylum procedure (Gregor Noll)

Research is being funded by the European Refugee Fund and by funds made available by the Vice Chancellors from both Universities.

More information on the L/UMIN project or on the different subprojects is available at www.migrationlawnetwork.org/.