Pufendorf Research Seminar with Dr. Daniel Augenstein 24th of March

On 24 March at 14.15 hrs, Dr. Daniel Augenstein (Tilburg Law School) will present a paper on

“The Crisis of International Human Rights Law in the Global Market Economy“

within the framework of the Pufendorf Research Seminar series. Dr. Radu Mares (RWI) will be commenting on Daniel’s presentation.

Venue: Styrelserummet, 4th floor, Juridicum bldg, Faculty of Law. Daniel’s profile is here: http://www.tilburguniversity.edu/webwijs/show/?uid=d.h.augenstein

For a copy of Daniel Augenstein’s manuscript, please be in touch with Cecilia K. Andersson (cecilia _k.andersson@jur.lu.se).

Most welcome!