Pufendorf Research Seminar with Roger Cotterell (Queen Mary) on 8 May and Doctoral Seminar on 7 May

On Thursday 8 May, Professor Roger Cotterell (Queen Mary, London) will present a paper entitled

                           Northern Lights: From Swedish Realism to Sociology of Law

Professor Cotterell agreed to visit Lund on a joint invitation by the Faculty of Law and Professor Reza Banakar of the Department of Sociology of Law at Lund University.

Please be in touch with Cecilia Andersson (cecilia_k.andersson@jur.lu.se) for a copy of Professor Cotterell’s paper. His profile is here: http://www.law.qmul.ac.uk/staff/cotterrell.html

Date and Time: Thursday, 8 May, 14.15 hrs

Venue: Styrelserummet, Juridicum, 4th floor

Most welcome!

Gregor Noll

P.S. Professor Cotterell also offers a doctoral seminar on Wednesday, 7 May at 14.15 hrs at the same location. For readings, please be in touch with cecilia_k.andersson@jur.lu.s