Hans Ruin commends Lund colleagues’ work on Carl Schmitt

Our colleagues Matilda Arvidsson and Dr. Leila Brännström contributed chapters to a Swedish language anthology on Carl Schmitt’s political thought that was favorably reviewed in an essay by Professor Hans Ruin of Södertörn College. Ruin’s piece was recently published in Dagens Nyheter, the leading Swedish daily.

In particular, Professor Ruin highlights that legal researchers have made their entry into a multidisciplinary treatment of the issues related to Schmitt’s work, which he connects to a generational shift. Ruin commends Dr. Brännström’s contribution, giving it a detailed treatment in the review.

Jon Wittrock & Hjalmar Falk ”Vän eller ­fiende? En antologi om Carl Schmitts politiska tänkande” (“Friend or Foe? An Anthology on Carl Schmitt’s Political Thought”)Daidalos, 2012 Details here.