The Pufendorf Chair

In 2000, the Ragnar and Torsten Söderberg Foundations endowed a chair at Lund University enabling professors in the disciplines of economy, law and political philosophy to conduct research in the spirit of Samuel Pufendorf. The Pufendorf Chair can be held for a four year-period.

Earlier occupants of the Ragnar and Torsten Söderberg Foundations’ Chair in Commemoration of Samuel Pufendorf were professor Aleksander Peczenik, professor Kjell-Åke Modéer and professor Håkan Hydén.

From 2012 to 2016, I have been given access to the resources coming with the Pufendorf Chair. This will allow me to focus on research on the idea of jurisdiction in international law and on targeting in international humanitarian law. The group of international law researchers at Lund is currently one of the most productive IL research actors in the Nordic countries. The Pufendorf Chair endowment will allow us to consolidate this position.

Gregor Noll