L/UMIN: The Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network

Together with colleagues at the Department of Law at Uppsala, we have launched the Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network (L/UMIN). To our knowledge, it is the first-ever legal research cooperation that crosses the institutional boundaries between law at Uppsala and law at Lund. L/UMIN intends to cover international law, EU law as well as Swedish law. In a first step, we intend to employ four new doctoral students (over and above those already working with migration law issues at Lund) and two post-docs. We have received generous funding from the vice-chancellors of Lund university and Uppsala university, we are currently applying to external funders. A first wave of applications totaling some 8 million kroner went out yesterday.

Within the L/UMIN context, Lund has recently employed Matthew Scott on a doctoral position. Matthew will write on the “Legal Protection of Climate Change Migrants in Europe”. I understand that Uppsala is currently in the process of recruiting two doctoral candidates.

L/UMIN will add to the existing expertise on international migration law at Lund. At present, Leila Brännström and Vladislava Stoyanova are  pursuing work on trafficking, Aleksandra Popovic is considering evidentiary issues in the asylum procedure and I am working on jurisdictional issues affecting migration law.